Cold Storage Services

Devdaksha Group provides comprehensive facilities for temperature-controlled products in our Cold Storage Warehouses. Our modern, safe, and secure facilities are energy-efficient and cost effective for temperature-sensitive products. Our Warehouse Management System provides real-time inventory control, just-in-time order management, productivity tracking, and customized reporting. Dedicated warehousing services are available to customers looking for a customized facility tailored to their specific needs.

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What You Can Expect From Our Cold Storage Warehouses?


  • Multi temperature Storage: Devdaksha Group provides customers with frozen and refrigerated temperature controlled warehousing.
  • USDA Inspection Services: Devdaksha Group cold storage facilities comply with all government and USDA regulations.
  • Food Grade Facility: Devdaksha Group multi temperature capabilities meet the most stringent requirements for handling a broad range of perishable foods.
  • EDI Capabilities: Electronic Data Interchange capabilities increase accuracy and save time.
  • RF Inventory Control: To increase the accuracy of orders, Devdaksha Group locates and tracks inventory in real time.
  • Online Inventory Control: Our online inventory control allows our customers to control and monitor their inventory and schedule reports from anywhere, anytime.
  • Cross Docking Warehouse: Our temperature controlled cross docking warehouse keeps your products at the proper temperature throughout the cold chain