Warehousing & Logistics Solution in Bhiwandi, Mumbai

Warehousing & Logistics Solution in Bhiwandi, Mumbai : Devedaksha Group

In the world of logistics and warehousing, location is everything. Bhiwandi, a rapidly growing industrial hub in Maharashtra, has become a focal point for businesses seeking optimal connectivity and accessibility in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Devdaksha Group, a prominent name in warehousing services, offers a warehouse in Bhiwandi that will help you to grow your business.

Godowns/Warehouses/Cold Storage for Rent/ Lease in Bhiwandi,


3Pl warehousing services in Bhiwandi provide secondary logistic services. It covers third-party services with all facilities, from picking to shipping and live report tracking.

warehouse in Bhiwandi for rent is readily available with the WMS system. This system offers real-time database management for clients to maintain an inventory through all WELPL locations. Also, this WMS system daily prepares MIS reports per clients’ emails.

Features Of 3PL Warehousing services
  • Flexible Space and Duration

3PL warehouse in Bhiwandi ensures your business with a group of experts and advanced technology. If you have a small requirement, this 3PL services also satisfy that. You only need an area of 1000 sq. ft to 50,000 sq. ft for your storage.

  • Superior Operations In the Warehouse in Bhiwandi

Godowns/Warehouses in Bhiwandi are famous in the market for functionalities and infrastructure. It houses first-class material-holding machines like; stacks, forklifts, reach trucks, dock levelers, and clamp trucks. Also, it contains Heavy Duty Racking.

Even warehouses in Bhiwandi are handling clients and their orders across the national industries and the globe. These industries mainly deal with E-commerce, Lubricants, beauty products, Chemicals, Retail, FMCG, and automotive.

  • World-class Fire Safety in Our 3PL Warehouses

World-class fire safety systems are available in Bhiwandi warehouses. Also, they have experienced staff to handle these industrial safety programs amenable to the National Building Code.

Per the NBC rules and guidelines, the fire extinguisher system uses fire sprinklers accompanied by oil-based or mechanical foam. If you need a reactive safety program, these warehouses will provide fire extinguishers of Class B/C/D. Also, you can have a fire hydrant of the same classes.

  • Online Inventory Management

You can monitor your inventory data online with the help of Bhiwandi warehouses. You can maintain many parameters, such as; stock checking on the net, tracking inbound in-voices and out-bound orders, and others with their PO/SO allusion as per the specific SKU. Also, you can check the ledger against every specific SKU. After that, the process of preparing bills and making the final count will be more flexible. In addition, through the support of these 3PL warehouses, you can pick orders, track, pack, and ship in real time.

  • Live Vehicle Tracking

Warehouses in Bhiwandi provide live vehicle tracking facilities with GPS access on the map. Even they will take care of your shipped and ordered items.

  • CCTV Camera Surveillance

Digitization in logistic hubs brings so many facilities. Now, Bhiwandi warehouses are offering a CCTV camera surveillance facility so that you can track your storage and keep observations about the operation. This system enhances the safety measures of the goods.

  • Value Added Services

3PL warehouses facilitate other excellent services, including assorting, shipping, packing, wrecking, decanting, and wrapping. The expertise warehousing services and well-skilled staffs also cover accuracy percentage and standard outcomes.

Here, barcodes are used for the entire operation to execute with higher accuracy.

  • Get Best Technology

Bhiwandi warehouses are becoming digitally well-equipped with advanced technologies to serve services to logistic hobs and clients worldwide. They use EDI for every single task starting from receiving orders, sales orders, SKU identification, and others. Even this EDI helps send ASNs, bill, pick, and ship items.